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This is a community for fans of the actor Timothy Omundson.
Hello and welcome everyone to tim_o_fans. Membership is open, posting is open to anyone who is a member(unless you're linking a website that LJ doesn't recognize, in which case it's moderated). This may become more restricted if we have problems.

THE RULES. Please read before posting.

1. First off, be respectful. Be respectful of Tim, be respectful of each other. I'll get a whole lot more specific about this should it become an issue.
2. Posts need to be related to Tim O. in some way, shape or form. Icons, picspams of him or characters he's played, screencaps, dumb questions...as long as it's relevant, go for it.
3. Pictures of Tim's children ARE. NOT. ALLOWED. Your post will be deleted the instant I catch it breaking this rule. This is non-negotiable.
4. Have fun. Don't take anything too seriously. This is, after all, only the interwebs.
5. The LJ-cut. Know it, use it, love it. Please place a cut for any images wider than 500 pixels or any post that takes up more than half a screen.
6. If you have an issue with a rule or think something should be changed, ask! This is a new community, let's just go with the flow.

If there is a problem or an issue that you think a mod needs to address, send me a PM. DO NOT contact me by leaving a comment in my personal journal.

Some good resources:

The Tim O. Thread on the USA Psych forum

TimOmUpdate Twitter Feed, run by a dedicated Psych fan

Psych_Lassie Twitter Feed run by Tim Omundson, tweeting in character as Detective Carlton Lassiter.

Fuck Yeah Tim Om Tumblr

IMDB, Wikipedia, Google are all good sources for more information as well.

If you need help formatting an entry or trying to make sense of LJ, Go here. Or you can send me a PM, I know a fair bit of LJ...but I'll probably just send you back to their FAQ, since I'm bad at explaining stuff over the computer.

Psych-related LJ communities:
psych_tv Catch-all community for the TV show Psych.
psychfiction LJ fanfic community for fanfiction of Psych.
psych_finders Lose a link to something Psych-related? This is where you want to go. Mainly for finding fanfic links.


A huge thank you goes out to okapimonk for giving me access to her massive Tim. O. picture collection. I aspire to catch up to her. ^_~