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Hi everyone!
meimichan wrote in tim_o_fans
All right! This community is now up and running!

Welcome to tim_o_fans. If you're a fan of Timothy Omundson from any of his previous works, you're in the right place! If not...what's wrong with you? ^_~

There are some rules on the profile, a default icon, some resources for finding more information about Tim O. I may try to make a mood theme over the next few days, but that will take some time. I can try to change the layout, but I will admit, that is so not my forte, so if anyone wants to make a layout, be my guest!

So far, this community is new, so join up, let's try to find our footing, and most important, have fun!


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That gif if the best thing in the history of best things ever. *is mesmerized*

Yes, it is.

I didn't make it, but whoever did deserves a medal. ^_^

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