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Tim sighting!
marsupials wrote in tim_o_fans
I was just referred to this community by meimichan in psych_tv. What a great community! Anyway, I have a little Tim sighting to share! I was out celebrating my birthday Saturday in Los Angeles, and I saw Tim at Jerry's Deli at like 1 a.m. in a mariachi (or matador) costume. RANDOM! Does anyone know why he'd be wearing that? He was with another man and two women, and at although Tim was the only one who got up and down a couple times, I noticed one woman he was with, although I only saw her sitting down, from the back, was wearing long white gloves. I assumed they were in a play nearby, but I can't find anything online. So, costume party is the only other thing I can think of. Sorry I didn't snap a photo, but I figured I was being enough of a creeper watching him eat. lol.

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I don't know what that was all about but that sounds kind of epic, running into Tim wearing that outfit.

It definitely made for the best birthday ever!

I'm pretty sure I'd have thought I was hallucinating if I saw Tim Omundson anywhere in public. Of course, I live in Wisconsin...

And the one time I went to L.A., I did hallucinate...due to severe lack of sleep. O_O

Awesome story though. And welcome! <3

I think he and his wife were at a party of some sort that evening.

Edited at 2010-05-27 05:37 pm (UTC)

I'm just glad I didn't have any birthday drinks because I totally would have thought that I was just seeing some Joe somebody and imagining that he looked like Tim. Like in that episode of "How I Met Your Mother" with ~Moby~ lol. But then again, had I had a couple drinks in me, I might have had the balls to go up to him and ask what was with the get-up. lol.

Thank you for the referral and the warm welcome!

I believe meimichan is correct ;P I think they had gone to a party of some sort. :) That's atleast what I got from my sources. That's about it.

lmfao! Yeah I think I'd be hallucinating myself if I actually saw Tim in public somewhere, though I think i'd politely interupt n be like are you TimO!? and then be like :O!!

Did he happened to be wearing any purple? I don't know but I heard something about it from another person as I was searching for Tim stuff and came across another similiar story. ;P

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